Beginner Courses

If you are new to Archery and looking to join the club, you will need to undertake a beginners course. Anyone from the age of 10 is welcome. Juniors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, this also applies if they subsequently join the club. Our beginner courses are very popular, especially over the summer months, so please book early to avoid missing out.

The course consist of four sessions; these are run on consecutive Saturday mornings from 9 AM until noon with a short tea-break in the middle. All the equipment is provided and the beginner bows are lightweight, but it is a "physical" sport. If you have a disability which you think may affect your shooting, please email us before booking to discuss this.

Our coaches will teach and advise you on a number of topics over the duration of the course, relating to style, bow types, safety and shooting etiquette. The intention is that you will complete the course having had fun and having also acquired enough basic skills and competence in the sport to be able to join the club and develop your archery further. Please read our frequently asked questions for more information.

If you are keen to do a taster session to see whether you enjoy archery before committing to a full beginners course, then we run taster sessions regularly throughout the year. Please see Taster Sessions for more information.

Clothing should be well fitting tops, not loose or baggy clothing or scarves or anything that could get caught in the Bow. Comfortable flat shoes or trainers (NOT open toed), possibly a hat if you wish. Enough to keep you warm and dry should it rain and for sun protection. Remember this is an outdoor activity, in winter the field can be wet and muddy. We will still hold the course outdoors in light rain, but if the weather is more severe, we will run the course indoors.

Course Dates & Online Booking

Joining the Club

There is an opportunity after successful completion of your course to rent your own equipment and join the club. We also accept new members who can demonstrate that they have completed an Archery GB approved course at another club, or those who are already members of Archery GB and can produce a current membership card.

We strongly advise novice archers not to rush out and buy equipment, however tempting that may be. Hiring equipment is what we'd advise initially and there is an opportunity to do this at the end of the course.

We are visited regularly on a Saturday morning by Steve Hallard of Stylist Bows, he is a former world class archer and will gladly advise on the most suitable equipment for you. He can hire or sell you equipment and there are also a number of archery shops in the area with a wide range of equipment available to suit everybody.