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Our club clothing is sourced from Lionhart, suppliers of custom design archery shirts to archery clubs and teams right across the United Kingdom. The shirts are made of Coolmax 165gm polyester, a high quality breathable waffle texture fabric which wicks moisture away to keep you comfortable in hot weather. There are two different club designs available with a choice of collar styles.

All shirts are 40mm longer than the average shirt, this is to account for shooting with your arms raised and to ensure compliance with AGB rules. They are available in a wide range of sizes for both adults and kids, with three different fits to suit everybody: straight (larger body type or very young), half-tight (athletic body type) and tight (with a defined waist line, suitable for ladies). We advise that you measure a shirt you are comfortable shooting in and compare measurements with the chart. If in doubt, go one size larger.

Prices are £35 per shirt, or £30 per shirt if you order two of more of exactly the same design. Delivery takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

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Please check the details below carefully before you place your order. As shirts are personalised there are no refunds available if you are unhappy with the size or fit. Please make payment for your order via bank transfer, details will be on the next page.

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