About The Club

Southampton Archery Club was setup in 2002 from members of local clubs and is now the largest archery club in the country. Over the years the club members have included some of the UK's finest archers, but we also welcome beginners and juniors from age 10 upwards.

The club has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We encourage members to progress at a rate they are happy with and members are always able to ask for help from our supportive coaching team. Many club members regularly take part in local and national tournaments, as well as shooting for Hampshire in inter-county matches and competing in county, regional and national leagues.

Saturday morning is our main shooting time every week, but our facilities are available to members all year round. The majority of our coaching activities take place on Saturday mornings and this is also the time when we announce classifications, awards and other information to members. The club runs a number of clout and target tournaments every year, including fun shoots, tournaments aimed at novices and also UK & world record status competitions. We have a thriving junior section and we encourage all our juniors to take part in our badge schemes and club tournaments.


We shoot at Hardmoor Sports Ground just off junction 5 of the M27. Our outdoor range consists of two large fields which can accommodate upwards of 25 targets each, with shooting available up to 100 yards distance. One of these fields also supports imperial clout shooting at up to 180 yards distance. We also have floodlighting available over one of the fields, allowing outdoor shooting at a distance of up to 30 metres in the dark. Our dedicated indoor range contains three full size targets and is 25 metres long, allowing both 20 yard and 18 metre distances to be shot indoors.

Both the indoor and outdoor facilities are available all year round, although we do share the outdoor space with other sports such as cricket during the summer and football/rugby during the winter. These sports only ever make use of one field at a time, always leaving a field available for archers to shoot. We have ample parking and the grounds are superbly maintained by our landlords, Trojans Club & Eastleigh Borough Council. Both outdoor fields contain fixed ground markers and are regularly painted for imperial and metric target distances as well as clout distances, with bosses and target faces readily available for members to use.

Governance & Safeguarding

Southampton Archery Club is owned and operated by Southampton Archery Club Limited, a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales with registration number 12146046. The Articles of Association and Club Rules specify how the club operates and our privacy policy specifies how we handle your information. All members are expected to adhere to the Archery GB Code of Conduct.

The club is committed to providing an environment where everybody can learn and participate in a sport free from harassment and abuse. We have therefore adopted the Archery GB Safeguarding Policy to ensure peace of mind for all our members, this includes appropriate consent for Photographing/Videoing Children and Young People in Sport.