Latest News

Stylist Bows

15th December 2018

Stylist Bows (Steve Hallard) will be at the club on 15th December to rent/sell beginner equipment. read more


Clout Classification Badges

9th May 2014

Clout Classification Badges are now available for all archers who reach classification on clout rounds. Please follow normal Clout rules and if you reach the required score for a classification, get someone to validate your scores and hand your signed and countersigned score sheet to the records officer. read more


252 Progress Awards

10th April 2014

The 252 Progress Awards are a simple way to track improvement, and badges will be awarded to club members achieving 252 classifications at distances of 30 yards, 40 yards, 50 yards, 60 yards and 80 yards. Rules 1. Depending on your bow type, you need to shoot a different number of arrows at your chosen distance. read more


Target Gloves

9th November 2013

Numerous pairs of leather gloves are now available to help members in moving the target bosses and to prevent splinters. read more


Longbow Rental Available

26th October 2013

Ever wanted to try shooting a longbow ? The club has recently purchased a longbow which is now available for members to rent on a Saturday morning between 9 and 12am. The bow has a 43lb draw weight and is suitable for use by any adult archer in the club. read more