252 Progress Awards

10th June 2019

The 252 Progress Awards are a simple way to track improvement, and badges will be awarded to club members achieving 252 classifications at distances of 30 yards, 40 yards, 50 yards, 60 yards and 80 yards.


1. Depending on your bow type, you need to shoot a different number of arrows at your chosen distance. Barebow 66 arrows, Longbow 72 arrows, Recurve 36 arrows, Compound 30 arrows.

2. To qualify, it should be the first shoot of the day, and 12 sighting arrows are permitted.

3. Only one badge can be applied for per day.

4. Use 5 zone, 122cm target scoring. Get someone to validate your scores and hand your signed and countersigned score sheet to the records officer.

5. You can use your own score sheets, the ones provided by the records officer, or download them here.

6. You need to score a minimum of 252 to claim the badge.